Already up to my 6th update since the first release.  I’d like to thank everyone for being so supportive of the game despite it crashing every 5 minutes.  I am hoping with this update the game should be a little more stable now and free of anything game-breaking.

I’m going to spend probably this whole month focusing on bugs and crashes and getting the game really solid.  After that I will start adding smaller features.  The first I plan to add are:

  • Better dialog system leading to jobs, eg working as a caravan guard or a mercenary
  • Improvements to the AI, bug fixes to combat.  Things like AI medics to heal their squad, passing empire patrols might decide to heal you etc.
  • Improvements to controls, usability.  Making everything smooth and easy to use.

So nothing big will be added in the next month or 2, but it will become more solid and game-like, and hopefully more fun.

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