0.23 Update Coming Soon

Its been over a month since the last update, and I’ve lost 2 weeks of time to 2 separate illnesses.  I’ve been working on the pathfinding system, and by working on it I mean completely torn it out and replaced it with a more solid ready-made one called “recast“.  This will not only fix all the old pathfinding and collision bugs, but it will also drastically reduce loading times when you are moving around the map, and it boosts performance because more is now being done on the background thread.

But there are gameplay benefits too!  Firstly I can now have multiple floors in buildings, which will make more use of their space and make them more interesting to own.  And also it paves the way for adding doors to the game.  So when you buy a building you can keep your enemies out and use it as a defensive structure, and also towns will be able to have town gates.

I expect to finish it up in a week or two.


  • Total pathfinding overhaul.
  • Faster map loading times
  • Improved frame rate

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