Coming Up Soon

The next update is 0.24 and it will be released roughly this thursday. I’m rebalancing the money in the game, so prices are all going to be wildly different to before.  Most importantly, the price of trade goods has been heavily reduced, so I recommend you sell ALL your trade goods before you update the game otherwise you will make a loss.

The main bulk of my work was adding doors to buildings.  Thats done now, although you can’t lock them yet, and the AI won’t understand how to open doors when in combat mode.  That will be done in the next update.

The next few updates are going to be quite small and fast. I’m going to add in a simple tutorial/help system to help new players get started.  I’m going to make inventory weight affect your max speed (but no endurance yet). I’m thinking about teaching the AI to loot bodies, but I don’t want bandits stealing all the players gear (not fun) so I still have to think about that.

After that, here are my plans for 2012 in rough order:

  • Ability to purchase or build your own buildings.  That will be a longer update, but I’m half finished with that already.
  • Stuff to put in your buildings. Storage and beds.  Lockable doors.  AI that will smash doors to get to you.
  • Research, crafting, mining and farming.  Big update there.
  • Capturing prisoners, police that arrest you, slavers that catch people. Prisoner of war camps. Slavery and slave traders.
  • Add a lot more factions and behaviour.  You should note that the current game with its 3 big factions its just a temporary placeholder, I don’t think much of it.  Proper structure is needed, police, bounty hunters, slavers, civilians, cannibals.  Not just “soldiers and bandits”.
  • Sound.  Once I scrape together $5600 for the audio engine, I’ll probably need the same again to hire a sound designer, a professional.
  • I also want to hire a good shader programmer to overhaul the lighting system and add shadows so I can have a night-day cycle. This can be done anytime, I just need to find someone.  Any programmers good with graphics and shaders (Ogre experience a bonus) feel free to contact me for the job.  No beginners or volunteers, professionals only please.

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