Crowdfunding Started

I’ve finally got round to kickstarting Kenshi.  Please help out if only by facebook-liking the campaign page.  There’s some cool rewards to be had by donating:


In other news, I’m still working on adding constructable buildings to the game, and I estimate about 2 weeks for the first update. Buildings can now be added and removed by a character, including all the underlying technical stuff like updating the pathfinding system and loading/saving. Now I’m taking care of all the little things like building material consumption, interior furnishing, placement varification.

The plan is that I will make the first update quite quickly.  This means you will be able to build a building, but not do much with it at first.  The features that will be added in the first series of updates, in approximate order are:

  • Place storage containers.
  • Place beds, where you can rest an heal quicker
  • Add doors to keep enemies out
  • Mining for resources
  • Farming
  • Crafting
  • Research
  • Defensive upgrades and turrets
  • Add ladders, so you can use multiple floors

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