Kenshi 1.0.60 Patch Notes (experimental)


  • Added some default keybinds to make it easier to setup SteamDeck/controller configs (you need to press the button to reset your keybinds to default)
  • Fixed the issue with changing font size in the options

Spanish localisation updates:

  • Standardised the translation of “Beak Things” and “Skimmers” to “Pinchostruo” and “Patineto”, respectively
  • Corrected mistranslations of words like “Armour King” to “Rey de la armadura”
  • Used correct tenses for skill-related verbs like “crafting” and “farming”

German Localisation updates:

  • Quotation marks and ellipses (…) are now properly displayed. No more text gaps!
  • Translated previously untranslated text
  • Fixed text overflow on certain UI elements
  • Some incorrect skill name translations were fixed
  • Generic NPC names are now correctly gendered to match the NPC’s gender (for example: Bauer/Bäuerin, Söldner/Söldnerin)
  • Fixed many naming inconsistencies, including Rebirth and the Skeleton race
  • Skimmers now retain their English name and Skimsands was accordingly changed to “Skimwüste”
  • The “Gutters” faction is now correctly called “Ausweider”
  • Reworked many UI texts, item descriptions, tips and tutorials to fix errors and increase legibility

Portuguese (Brazil) localisation updates:

  • Fixed typos, grammar, and UI display issues
  • Standardised the translation of gameplay and lore elements for consistency
  • Gendered names now used for generic NPCs like peasants, soldiers, and mercenaries
  • Rewrote instructional text and item descriptions for clarity


  • Untranslated text that used to appear in English is now translated into French.
  • Improved translation of some GUI elements.
  • Fixed some errors in items (objects, buildings, etc.) and their descriptions.
  • Generic nouns now displayed in character’s gender (e.g., “marchand” or “marchande” for “trader”).


  • Translated texts that were displayed in English into Japanese.
  • Speed-related displays such as miles/hr are now translated into Japanese.
  • Re-worded some instructional and help text.

Simplified Chinese update:

  • Fixed an issue where item weights were displayed incorrectly, causing incorrect weight values to be shown

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