There is a new update available now: 0.26.4.  Its mostly bug-fixes, I’ve disabled the faction-attacks that I’m currently working on…


  • Swapped left and right mouse buttons when placing buildings.  Look out for that one!
  • Added progress bar when using training dummy
  • GUI panel that shows basic faction relations, and shows a separate long-term and short-term relation status.
  • Some NPCs like envoys and nobles can have higher diplomatic value, so actions against them will make factions much more angry. Works the other way too, eg a faction may consider its peasants worthless so raiding them wont affect relations much.
  • Faction relations can now be influenced positively, by healing npcs or putting their wounded in beds to recover.


  • Fixed inventory window cut-off bug
  • Made certain animation movement smoother
  • Mouse uses windows mouse motion. If you still find it laggy, you can set “hardware_mouse=1” in settings.cfg
  • Stability and crash fixes.

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