Site Resuscitated

The site got hacked a while ago and had some phishing pages uploaded, causing it to get suspended for a while.  I’ve finally got it working again now, mostly.  Stupid evil-doers, wasting my time!  I’ve still been working on the game though.

I spent a depressingly large amount of time finalising the world map and making clever code that allows buildings to be slightly submerged in the terrain without any of it poking through the floor of the interior.  Necessary, because now making towns is significantly less fiddly and I don’t have to make them on near-flat terrain, making for much more interesting places.

There are also now about 250 different weapons.

There are now different types of shops, with signs outside.

I have also started on the trader career.  You can wander from town to town trading goods and making profits.

I am currently making the towns now.

My intent for the first release is to have:

  • 6-8 different towns.
  • Trading
  • Shops
  • Wandering bandits
  • Town guard patrols
  • NPC traders who travel from town to town, with hired guards.
  • Ability to sign on as a hired guard.
  • Characters to recruit

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