Special Editions Available

On the website now there is an option to pay for “special editions” of the game.  Basically, its the equivalent of Kickstarter perks, you can get extra things like your name or your own character put into the final game.  So if you are interested, have a look!  If not, you can still get the game for only $10.

I am thinking of adding a physical goods option too, where you would get a printed DVD, poster, T-shirt, map, that sort of thing.  Its an awful lot of graphic design work though, so it would take be ages to set up and an investment for printing.  I’ll do it if there is enough interest.


As for game updates, I’m currently working on another bug-fixing update.  After that I think I might leave the cages/capturing stuff and go on to add businesses for you to make some money from.  Trouble with that though is that I will also have to finish adding the faction harassment mechanics too, because if the player has a passive time-based income he will get rich too easily.  Or maybe I will do the capturing stuff first, then you can make money from bounty-hunting.

Well, it will be one of those anyway.  Or something else.

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