Turn-Based Games

Just wanted to clear up a little misunderstanding about my game design views, as I’ve noticed a lot of people picking up on this quote from me and translating it as an arrogant hatred of turn based games:

“Unique real time combat system, [……] Despite being an RPG, combat is action-game-grade and fast paced. No longer do characters stand there like idiots taking turns to hit each other. There are no “dice rolls”, game mechanics are not based on archaic board game rules.”

I can see why, I wasn’t very clear when I wrote that, so I will be clearer now.  I LOVE turn based games.  I went with a realtime-with-pause system for Kenshi purely because I wanted it to handle large battles, and I wouldn’t like to wait for 200 NPCs to take their turn.

That quote was actually referring to the realtime-turnbased hybrids you get in a lot of games, particularly D&D based games.  Though I loved baldurs gate and dragon age, the combat systems just aren’t quite right.  You need to go with proper turn-based, or proper real-time, not dawdle in between.  It looks wrong, in dragon age they had all this cinematic atmosphere and “visceral combat” and the characters just stood there waiting for their internal timers to allow them to play another attack animation.  Its not the end of the world I guess because they were still good games, I just think its an area that needs a lot of improvement.  Combat got boring fast.  Temple of Elemental Evil on the other hand had a proper turn-based system and it had some of the most riveting battles I’ve ever had outside of X-Com.

So yeah, I wrote that quote while thinking “the game industry needs more proper turn-based games”.   I am words good.

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