The long-overdue pathfinding update is finally out.  It was a big one and took quite a while as it involved completely tearing out and replacing the pathfinding system.

This is purely a technical update, and adds no gameplay features.  Sorry about that, but it now paves the way for some fun-filled updates coming up next.
This was a big overhaul, so new bugs may have been introduced.  Pathfinding is not a pretty subject when you are working on a seamless game world.

The update should download automatically when you next start up the game, or via Desura.


-Total pathfinding overhaul.
-Faster map loading times
-Improved frame rate
-reduced load times when entering buildings


-import squad to a new game now relocates your squad to the starting town.
-you can now set mouse horizontal/vertical speeds, use a negative number to invert the mouse control.
-Custom made launcher without any invalid options to choose.


There is currently no character collision detection so they all stand in the same spot, I will add this back in asap.
-Splinting doesn’t always work, I’m going to make it a separate action in the next update.

A debug screenshot of all the data thats needed in the background for the pathfinder.


-Next I’m going to start on purchaseable buildings, and using them for basic stuff like sleeping and storage.

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