Update 0.62

Here we go, my main focus for this update has been to fix the worst problems rather than adding new stuff.
The biggest fix was a big memory leak, which should fix, or at least reduce the dreaded “Super crash” that people were getting after long play sessions.

In the background Sam is working on the pathfinder overhaul that should fix all the movement/pathing related bugs, so hold off with any movement based bug reports until then. He should have that ready in about a month. Regular updates can still happen before then though.

As usual an import to a new game world is recommended but not required.


  • Your base will get randomly assaulted by dust bandits, starving bandits, and sometimes cannibals.
  • Sometimes the hungry bandits will try to rob you and take all your resources. Lock up your storage boxes in a safe building!
  • Added the Splinting feature back in. Splint kits now work, but can only be used on arms and legs. It’s automatically done during first aid if the medic has a splint kit.
  • Added auto-save to the options
  • Shopkeepers and their bodyguards won’t keep running out to save the town, all town guards won’t stray too far from a town when chasing down enemies
  • Shortened some of the level 1 research, all research 25% faster, building speed 2x slower
  • Added a new farming village, planning to do more with it later


  • I fixed a pretty significant memory leak, so hopefully that fixes or at least improves the “super crash”s
  • dust bandit raids now go home after defeating you
  • added in female backpack models and a few other clothing tweaks
  • Fixed a ton of bugs in the faction assault system
  • Fixed a bug that gave all hungry bandits a +5 to combat skills
  • Fixed the “Failed to load compositor” crash that some systems were getting. (untested)
  • Fixed the multiplying/vanishing shopkeepers when big changes made to the population options (import required to restore shopkeepers)(untested)
  • Put error logging and “save failed” warning message to try and catch the cause of corrupt savegames
  • Fixed KO time increasing when loading game
  • Many crashes fixed from player crash dumps

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