Update 1.0.40 Out Now

Patch is live v1.0.40 pushing previous experimental branch updates to the main Kenshi branch for all users. Below is a collated list of all of the patches included in this update.

Gameplay changes:

  • Slaves are now only fed up to 100 if not in a cage, instead of 115.
  • Pet animals now heal 2x speed when KO’d, as they have no other means of healing and spend too much of their lives in comas.
  • Holy farm storage is no longer full of ration packs.
  • The GUI tooltip now also shows your bounty even if you are a slave.
  • Stopped NPCs thinking animals are weak because they don’t have weapons

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash if loading an invalid item in a character inventory (eg from a missing mod).
  • Fixed particle effects of buildings on roofs.
  • Fixed crash if character dies while rearranging squads.
  • Fixed missing temples in Holy Nation towns.
  • Fixed DC_IS_NEARLY_KO being unhandled (it is a duplicate of DC_NEARLY_KO).
  • Fixed some dialog not triggering as DC_IS_ENEMY always returned true.
  • Some minor fixes to the navigation mesh.
  • Fixes for a few building interior visibility bugs.
  • A fix for NPCs sometimes dying if you knocked them out and then left the area, now it takes their health into account.
  • Fixed bounty dialogue not triggering if you hand in Eyegor
  • Fixed AI bug where a guard captures someone out of the boundaries of the town, and keeps picking them up and putting them down again.
  • Slave status is no longer reset when you are arrested by police. Slaver caravans should come by and collect slaves, but mods could prevent this, meaning that a slave could get arrested and trapped in a police station forever. Now its possible to wait-out a sentence.
  • Fixed AI stalling when crafting items when different input items are needed.
  • Fixed inventory item limit being ignored when AI moves large item stacks.
  • Reduced characters running through the air or underground when zones are loading in the background.
  • Fixed a random crash that would happen if someone caught someone else committing the crime of assault against nothing (no victim).
  • Fixed a random crash when picking up characters, or something related to that. Would only happen with certain people’s PCs, so was hard to catch. There is a small chance that this could fix the passable walls bug too.
  • Clamped a value to hopefully avoid the cursed money item bug, where you would pick up a coin and get minus a billion cats.
  • Mostly fixed the issue with characters patrolling into private buildings.
  • Fixed interior visibility in build mode.
  • Fixed interior not loading correctly if you complete a building while inside it.
  • Fixed item labels being cut off at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed a crash with the new fix for the previous ragdoll crash.
  • Fixed bodyguard betrayal triggering more than once per betrayal, leading to oversize relation penalties. Penalty should be 20 to reputation.
  • A bunch of small stability fixes to the FCS.
  • Additional crash fixes.


  • Chinese language updated to include user suggestions from the Steam Community forums.
  • German language has been updated to change a few words to shorter alternatives.

Special thanks to: ‘Kapaer’ for contributions to a number of crash fixes originally outlined in the Kenshi v1.0.38 (experimental) update, ‘Prd’ for contributions leading to fixing issues with missing Holy Nation temples, ‘RustledJimm’ for listing a number of dialogue errors and ‘Good luck’ for extensive feedback on the Chinese Translation originally outlined in the Kenshi v1.0.35 (experimental) update.

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