Update 42.2

I’m uploading update 0.42.2 right now.  It fixes most of the major bugs that have been reported.


Now I’ve hired a freelance programmer to do a few auxiliary jobs.  First he’s going to implement Wwise, a professional grade audio engine.  After that I can hire a professional sound designer, and the game will finally have sound.  Good sound too, I’m not cutting corners.

That will take a while though, if after the next update anyone starts going “Where’s the audio? You said you did sound” then they will get a slap.


As for me I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing next, but it will be a bigger update this time.  So I’ll be going off radar a bit and focusing on work.  It might be the new character creation, possibly even the new bigger world map.  Then I can have famous foliage modder Vurt make the new biomes.


Here are the changes for the last update:


  • -Integrated on-screen character name texts with GUI, so they don’t appear on top of other panels
  • -Characters now choose storage boxes to get resources from, before resorting to the machine outputs.
  • -Characters now choose the nearest storage box if there are several to choose from.
  • -Research speed is displayed at the top of the research window
  • -Added Steel Refinery to make steel bars from.


  • -Fixed Holy Servants having no weapons
  • -Fixed complications when multiple characters tried to pick someone up at the same time
  • -Science skill now applies properly to research speed
  • -Fixed building power on/off buttons
  • -Fixed game freeze when building if you still had gates
  • -Fixed characters sometimes freezing after build mode
  • -Fixed newly crafted items not saving when left in bench
  • -Fixed the shopkeeper inventory crash
  • -Fixed the quickload problem when not all the map zones would be loaded
  • -Fixed the crafting window list being too short

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