Walls Update Released

The update is finally done, sorry it took so long, I had to iron out many bugs and account for many different situations and wall configurations.
2 types of wall can now be built, but there will be more in the future.  Keep your gates closed and put some guards outside if you dont want bandit attacks to disturb your weak and squishy workers.

0.45.0 “Walls”

  • Added walls back, with an AI overhaul.  Not 100% bug free yet, but good enough for you to play with for now.
  • Added chain mail vests


  • doors and gates are correctly open/closed after quickload.
  • Fixed some bug with town border ranges
  • Fixed some values vanishing from mod files in the constrution set.
  • Research bench GUI updates now when you delete from the list
  • If your gates are locked, characters wont try to open them to go out and fight if you are attacked.

You can also follow the progress of Kenshi’s audio designer, Kole Hicks.  He’s keeping a blog as he goes, and may even film some recording sessions.  And you’ll be pleased to know that he has grown a beard so that he can work on the game more effectively.

In case you are wondering why he’s working on music instead of the badly-needed SFX, it’s because that’s how he works, making the music first gives him a base for the feel of the sound effects.  And he’s good, so I’m just going to leave him to work the way he feels will get the best results in the end.

Next update will probably be bug fixing, followed by armour + clothing + item crafting.  Female characters will be a while yet though, as the artists are still making all the female versions of all the clothing models.

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