Road Map

(Last updated 20th October 2022)

Kenshi has now left Early Access and is fully released. You can find us on Steam and many other stores.

What does this mean for Kenshi’s future? It means that there will be no new features added, Kenshi is feature complete. Localisations (in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese) have all been finished and are in game.

We are now dedicating all resources to Kenshi 2, as voted for by the players.

Sometimes, when working on Kenshi 2, an update we make to the Forgotten Construction Set will be helpful for Kenshi 1 modders, and when we can, we will be bringing these updates to the Kenshi 1 FCS, initially via the experimental branch on Steam. If one of these updates causes a bug, we will endeavour to fix it before pushing to main branch. Instructions on how to report these particular bugs can be found here.

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