Road Map

(Last updated 22nd January 2018)

The following is a very general overview of the remaining development work that is planned. I’m just listing the big things here in no particular order, stuff like bug fixes and little things go without saying. Any percentages and time frames given should be taken as estimates solely intended as a rough guide for the player. Also note that features are subject to change and may be added/removed from this list. You can read our announcement here for more clarification on luxury features.

Currently, we are at BETA stage.

Currently being worked on

Right now we are working mainly on bug fixes, prosthetic limbs, blood, crossbows, localization and populating the new map. If you’d like to follow our work flow in more detail, please check out our Trello board (subject to ongoing edit/ removal of features).

  • 98%



Dialogue, AI & Diplomacy: Released and in-game with ongoing development

General interaction with NPCs, books, town assaults and diplomatic interaction. Thugs and bandits are able to threaten, abuse and rob you; guards frisk and search you. You’ll be able to talk or bribe your way out of situations you can’t win. You can now interact with visiting diplomats and influence relations with the main faction leaders/ police chiefs.

Assaults, base visits and raids with more interesting goals such as looting, vandalising, extortion, vengeance, trade and ally reinforcement… rather than just trying to “kill everyone”. Wandering traders and Empire diplomats have so far been released. More coming soon.


  • 95%

    Limb Injuries


Robotic Limbs & Crossbows: Released and in-game now (Experimental branch)

Ranged weapon combat i.e. crossbows, plus lots of blood and limb dismemberment. Cannibals will eat captured characters, limb by limb, until they are rescued. Amputees will require robotic prosthetics and will crawl and fight from the ground).


  • 50%



Dialogue LocalisationRelease TBA

Japanese, German and Portuguese translations have been released and are in game. We’re still currently working on official translations for Spanish, Russian and French. Russian release is expected very soon. Spanish and French ETA 3rd quarter 2018. For notification of release in your language please sign up to our mailing list for a one-time email. Special thanks to Sol Lignum, Marie Libert, Yuri, MoGi Translations and Paola Grana



  • 90%



World Population: Release TBA

At 870 sq/km big, the full-size world map will have various different biomes to discover, plus water/ rivers, new towns and various factions. So far we’ve released 3/4 of the new map and are working on population of the remaining south eastern region.

Currently we are at BETA. This means that the game is mostly feature complete, in the sense that we won’t have significant major features to add (programming wise). This means we will no longer keep breaking the game between updates, and can release more frequently. This phase is about smaller features, gameplay rebalance, major bug-fixing, and content. 



Lesser priority and luxury features…

Luxury features are changes that may either be dropped from development altogether or be added after 1.0 release. More clarification on these in our announcement here.

  • More combat detail and styles. Depending on time and budget constraints, this may include spears and unarmed combat, plus more animations and injuries (e.g. crawling and fighting from the ground) *
  • Ranged weapon combat i.e. crossbows *
  • The ability to break down or climb over walls.
  • Lots of blood and limb dismemberment. Cannibals will eat captured characters, limb by limb, until they are rescued. Amputees will require robotic prosthetics *
  • Controller support
  • Mounts, egg hatching and taming

*Starred luxury features have now been added to the game


Released Features…

  • Localisations
    • Portuguese (further translations to come as game dialogue grows)
    • Japanese (further translations to come as game dialogue grows)
  • Robot Limbs
    • When a limb goes below -100 damage, that limb gets amputated. Lost legs mean you have to crawl on the floor
    • Legs damaged past your KO point also makes you crawl on the floor, until they are bandaged.
    • Robot limbs can be added or removed at a Skeleton Bed. Robot limbs will affect your stats in various ways
    • If you are crawling around on the floor you can still fight really badly as long as you have at least 1 arm.
    • Your amputated limb goes flying through the air. Dogs will run off with it.
    • If your pet dog finds a limb he’ll get all defensive and keep running away with it until he finally eats it. Only happens with young dogs, so don’t worry he will grow out of it eventually.
    • Limb loss can be reduced or disabled in the options
  • Crossbows
    • Crossbow shops dotted around the world
    • Crossbows and ammo can be crafted in your base
  • Blood
    • Blooooood!
    • Crawling and bleeding people leave a bloody slug trail behind them. So fun.
    • Some roaming bandit squads will assault your base and attempt to capture it. If they win they will throw you out and live there themselves, use your stuff, eat all your food. You will have to remove them by force to get your base back.
    • HOLD button replaces the PASSIVE button. This puts characters into “hold position” mode. Stops your characters running off to fight, but now they still fight anything that comes in range. You can use this to position melee guys tactically, to protect your bow units for example, or guard a doorway. Also still serves its original purpose of keeping your weak workers away from combat.
  • More hairstyles and new icons
    • 18 new beards and 17 new hairs added to the game. Credit goes to Arkhiel for generously donating them.
    • New hand-painted inventory item icons. Credit goes to Diogo Santos for making them.
    • 1 new male & 1 new female face
  • Diplomacy
    • Interact-able diplomats added for all major factions. You should now be able to trigger dialogue in HQs or police stations of the swamp, Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom and Flotsam Village.
    • Added various Hive world state reactions throughout the map if anything happens to the Hive queens
  • Campaigns & Base Visits
    • Merchants now visit your gates and offer trade
    • Factions can send out diplomats to you to demand taxes etc (Empire added so far. More variations to be added)
  • Huge Terrain System Optimisation
    • Frame rate should be better when looking at the horizon now, and also more detailed. Unfortunately won’t do much good for those with slow systems who already have the view distance and terrain detail way down.
    • Secondary lod threshold for distant terrain
    • Initial loading state continues until everything is loaded
    • Changed slow startup load sequence to happen behind splashscreen logos
    • Some general small optimisations to the code
  • Weather System
  • Tutorial
  • Ogre 2.0 Engine
    • You should notice a general performance improvement. The towns are still the slowest spots to be in, but they should have improved, especially the Holy Nation cities.
  • Smuggling
    • Smuggling is now a career option. Buy narcotics or illegal goods and sell them wherever they are illegal to make huge profits. (You’ll have to find where to buy/sell them yourself)
  • New weapons
    • The number has doubled. More interesting blunt and hacking weapons, polearms added, blunt skill unlocked, old ones overhauled visually. Rare and unusual weapons to find.
    • Weapon types have more characteristics and stats have been rebalanced. Weapons can have advantages or penalies when used indoors, and bonus damage against certain opponents or animals.
    • Characters will automatically switch to their side-arm weapon when indoors, if it has less of an indoors penalty than their main weapon.
    • Smithing overhaul
    • Unarmed combat added. It’s designed to be a lot more challenging than learning a weapon. Probably will need further balancing, hasn’t been fully tested in long-term gameplay.
  • Steam workshop integration
    • Added the functionality to allow game translations
    • Added Blender compatibility
  • Entirely new world map
    • More detailed and polished, new factions, new content, things to explore. The first sections of the New Lands map have now been released, the rest will be released gradually as we populate it with things to do and things to discover.
  • Water
    • Rivers to cross and oceans to drown in.
    • Characters get wet
    • Ragdolls now float in water
  • Camping
    • You can build easy camp beds and fires for survival when travelling
    • Sleeping bags can be used as re-usable camp beds.
  •  Hunger
    • You can die of starvation although it takes a long time. Your characters appearance reflects their state of physical strength or malnutrition.
    • Player stats are affected by injuries and malnutrition.
  •  Buildings and farming
    • Buildings are now made with multiple materials. Machinery requires iron and sometimes copper.
    • Entirely revamped research tech-tree, new technologies and balance.
    • Research is faster, but has a cost in items or artifacts.
    • Totally new buildings. Multiple floors, and you can mount turrets on the rooftops. Buildings can be destroyed.
    • New power system. Generators require fuel, wind power fluctuates with the wind strength, batteries compensate for fluctuations. Fuel can be made from crops.
    • Revamped farming system and different crops.
    • You can now buy and repair ruined buildings that you find
    • Added hydroponic indoor farming techs
    • Rain now waters the farms and crops
    • Different sizes of farms available
    • Added a downgrade button to buildings
    • Recycling resources. Dismantling buildings and walls will give back a portion of building materials.
  • New engines
    • New fancy shadow system, looks nicer and more importantly runs faster.
    • New terrain engine. Runs faster, looks nicer and shows more detail for distant mountains
    • Overhauled with a new PBR & HDR global lighting system, should make a great improvement to the visual quality (Credit for this goes to Linda MacGill and Igor Frolov of Bug Zen!)
  • AI War Campaigns
    • NPC factions can now launch proper missions. This is similar to the faction assaults feature that was around in an older version, except the difference is it’s now a fully dynamic system. If assaults are coming repeatedly they can be stopped by decimating that faction’s base of operations.
  • Towns and nests can now be wiped out
    • Town populations slowly regenerate when residents die. Killing off a lot of NPCs that are affiliated with a nearby town will weaken that town slightly, it’s possible to wipe out all the cannibal patrols roaming near a cannibal village for example. Currently “homeless” factions like the bandits are not affected by this.
  • Random bandit camps
    • Allow the bandit factions (among others) to have a population source, which can therefore regenerate, run low, or be wiped out.
  • Squads formations
  • Buying and selling slaves
  • Crime system 
    • Stealing from shops, crime recognition from law enforcement, pickpocketing. Sleeping NPCs are woken up by noise, but it’s easier to rob them. Police confiscate weapons and stolen goods. Then they sell them.
    • Looting law changes. You don’t get tagged as a looter until you actually take an item from someone, and it doesn’t count as a crime if the item was stolen from you to begin with, or if the victim is a bandit, criminal or slave.
    • NPCs can also now get tagged as looters, same laws apply.
    • Kidnapping is now a crime, you can’t just pick up sleeping shopkeepers and run off with them. Well, you can, but now there are consequences.
    • All stolen items also count as “loot”, so you can no longer sell stolen goods for full price
    • Fences now buy stuff at 50% instead of 25%, to make up for the loot penalty a bit
  • Infinite trader inventory
  • Slavery
    • Any newly captured slaves will be sent to a slave camp. Escape attempts will be met with harpoons. Intruders will be captured. Slavers strip slaves and shave their heads. Confiscated items are put into storage. Slaves are kept in cages and made to work in the mines during the day. Slaves have shackles locked onto their feet. They can’t be removed unless lock-picked or broken with tools.
  • Stealth mechanics
    • Disguises- If you wear the uniform of another faction, NPCs will think you are one of them. Until you get recognised
    • Stealth knock-outs now have a skill-based success chance. Tougher NPCs will be harder to knock out. Percentage chance is displayed.
  • New races
    • Shek, hiver and skeleton races added. Races have different bonuses and penalties to certain stats
  • New GUI re-skin and overhaul
    • Improved character editor that uses morph targets for the facial features instead of bones. Looks better, gives more control, and has better in-game performance. Character models overhauled.
  • DX11 mode
  • 64-bit version
    • Due to requirements of Kenshi now, 32-bit can no longer be supported. It is however still possible to revert back to the old map which is 32-bit.
  • Lights
    • Night time is darker, buildings can have lights mounted on them. New global illumination ambient lighting model, and BRDF material shaders
    • Buildings now cast full shadow & reflections even if you are indoors
    • Soft particles (no more harsh ground-intersection lines)
  • Creatures
    • Creatures are now mostly coded in. Creatures will be introduced over time
    • Player controlled animal squad mates
    • Leather crafting now requires you to hunt for animal skins
    • Certain animals might now eat your crops, your dead bodies, and sometimes even your unconscious bodies.
  • New dialog/AI hybrid system
    • Takes into account situation details and remembers what you’ve done in the past. Thugs and bandits can now harass and rob you rather than always attacking on sight. Thugs in town can insult you, then go outside the gates and jump you when you leave town. NPCs can follow and chase you while they talk or threaten you, and know the difference if you are running away. (Ongoing work on dialogue content.)
    • Added a dialogue log window
  • New terrain engine 
  • Replaced the pathfinding/movement engine with the Havok AI engine.
  • New buildings available
    • Corpse furnace, to dispose of bodies.
    • Smelter, to melt down old weapons and armour into iron
  • Prospecting added
    • Farming, wells, mines etc are now dependent on the available resources in the area they are built.
  • Added new walls and gates, levels 3-5
  • Turrets
    • Training turrets, harpoon turrets. NPC guards can man turrets.

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