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Status Report

As I said before, I’m keeping my head down for a while so I can get some serious coding done. So not many updates or forum

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I’m making some plans for the overall world design at the moment.  I consider the current world map and population a placeholder really, so I’m gonna

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The Artist Side

The crowdfunding campaign finished a while ago now.  Only $2200 was raised, although a while after the campaign finished, I got a few late donations.  In

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One thing thats eaten up a lot of time is making buildings.  I’ve got enough now for a bunch of small towns but not much for

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Updating Again

I haven’t made any updates for a long while now, so I’m going to try to catch up and make some semi-regular posts for now on,

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Quests? Quests!?!?

I’m going to talk a bit about what kind of RPG this is, and how its designed.  Many RPGs revolve around quests, story and dialogue.  Some

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