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New Races

Otto’s started designing other races to inhabit Kenshi’s diverse planned biomes. Here’s some of the concept artwork so far: 3D models of the bone people: And Bug Zen’s Linda

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Here are few screen-grabs of some of the landscape taken at various times over the development period so far… It’s a huge place though so still

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More Beast Designs

Here are some of the latest 3D beast models for Kenshi’s planned wildlife. First up are Otto’s designs – all that’s left now is for the

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New World

Over the last few months, Olly has been working hard on the new world map – a whole world, 4x bigger to completely replace the current one.

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First Beast: In The Making

After an unbelievably generous contribution from Linda Macgill (AKA Methelina and CEO of Bug Zen), the beastiary is now making smooth progress. As mentioned in previous posts,

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Kenshi Bestiary

First iteration of the Kenshi bestiary.   How many actually get into the game will depend mostly on money. Modelling and skinning each one can be

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New Sound Designer

Unfortunately the guy who was going to do the sound engine implementation for me pulled out.  But on the plus side I’m moving into a new

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