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0.40 will be out in the next few days now.  It might still be a little buggy at first, but I’ve fixed most of the major

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All buildings in the game now have doors.  It was not the most pleasant job to do, making a clickable door slide open is easy enough,

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Crowdfunding Started

I’ve finally got round to kickstarting Kenshi.  Please help out if only by facebook-liking the campaign page.  There’s some cool rewards to be had by donating:

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Vote For Kenshi

IndieDB are having a big vote going on to choose their game of the year.  If Kenshi wins then publicity ==> sales ==> more features added

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Turn-Based Games

Just wanted to clear up a little misunderstanding about my game design views, as I’ve noticed a lot of people picking up on this quote from

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I’ve had an interview with Russian game site, here is the link:

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