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1.0 Out Now!

Kenshi version 1.0 is now out! After 12 years of working alone, working as a six man team, shrinking back to a four man team, and

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Player Stories

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a competition for the best player stories that show just how uniquely poignant Kenshi can be. No official store

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Four Become Six

Updates and announcements are a little slow at the moment while we work on the 64-bit build to fix the super crash (see previous post) and

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Upcoming 0.44

Since last update I have been quiet and busy in equal doses.  I’ve already updated you on the upcoming character art, customisation and equipment changes, here’s

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Update 42.2

I’m uploading update 0.42.2 right now.  It fixes most of the major bugs that have been reported.   Now I’ve hired a freelance programmer to do

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